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Welcome To Crownguard Security Services (UK) Ltd

Elite Ex-Military Security Services

There are many security companies in London, but finding the right company can be a challenge. When you’re looking to hire a security guard company, you want to hire agents who can offer you a high level of protection. You need security services that you can rely on in the event things get tough. Crownguard security offers ex-military security guards - call 020 3983 3555 now for a quote.
Shying away from danger isn't in our DNA. We’re here to provide you specialised ex-military security services no matter the circumstances.

UK Security Services You Can Trust

In a sector that depends on trust, our elite team offers London security services that have enhanced professional attitudes, ethical approaches, and significant knowledge in protection services. Ours is an award winning security guard company founded on principles taken from the military, which provide an enhanced level of service and professionalism that give your protection force an extra edge. Stop simply searching for “London security companies” at random; put your faith in security guards who have the expertise needed for high risk situations.
We provide security hire for events, 24/7 property protection, front-of-house personnel, and more.

We provide security hiring in across London, including locations such as Woolwich, Peterborough, Kent, Cambridge, Stratford, Romford and Central London.

Our extensive range of services meets your every need, and our industry expertise is unparalleled.

Our security team is the best of the best: highly trained, qualified and motivated to deliver the protection and peace of mind you need in today’s changing world. Our security hire prices start from as little as £12.00 per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: We do a minimum of 5 hours inside the M25 and a minimum of 6 outside the M25.
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Speciality Services

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place for London security services that take excellence and security seriously. Work with a team of elite agents on guard at all times.
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Residence Security Specialists
Your valued assets deserve round-the-clock protection which is why our security team offers you 24/7 protection through on-site, live-in security personnel. Sleep easy knowing that you’re well guarded at all times.
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Fundamental Security Protocol
Security should be built on a foundation of principle, privacy, protection, and prestige. With Crownguard Security, you’re provided with a comprehensive and evolving package to keep your assets protected.
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k security services
With a superior military heritage, you’re offered a selection of qualified security guards who provide you with a high caliber level of protection. Each guard prides themself on being able to keep London’s citizens safe
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corporate security guard jobs london
Concierge services give you the peace of mind and ease in order to rest easy, each night. With an elite group of security agents that has a deep rooted military background, you know you’re working with a team that cares.
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Our Services

Your Security, Our Priority

Work with one of the top security companies in London and know that you’re being fully protected at all times. Each of our guards comes from an ex-military background which gives them an extra edge and acute sense of danger. The unique and highly classified expertise that comes with being ex-military makes us one of the most accredited security companies in London.
  • Uniformed Security Guards
  • Access Control
  • Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response
  • Labour Disputes & Lockouts
  • Residential Protection
  • Employee Safety Escort
  • Guard Services with First Aid
  • Loss Prevention
  • Special Events
  • Key Holding Services
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Latest News

Common Security Challenges at Parties and How to Overcome Them

There is more to throwing a great party than just choosing the ideal venue, music, and appropriate decoration. It necessitates having a sharp awareness of any security risks that might arise and jeopardize the experience and safety of the guests at the party. The first step in guaranteeing a safe and comfortable environment is to […]

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Enhancing Residential Security: Key Holding and Alarm Response Services

Ensuring the safety and security of your residence is a top priority, especially in a bustling city like London. Residential security services in London play a crucial role in providing peace of mind and safeguarding your property. Among these services, key holding and alarm response stand out as indispensable components. Choosing a reputable security agency with a highly trained […]

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Common Misconceptions About Security Guard Services

Although security guard services in UK are essential for protecting people, companies, and property, there are a few common misconceptions about what they do and who they protect. We hope to clear up some of these myths and highlight the important roles that security services in London play in improving safety and security. Limited to […]

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Security Services for Construction Sites

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of upholding a safe and secure atmosphere in the fast-paced and frequently hectic world of construction. Construction sites are naturally exposed to a number of risks, such as safety concerns, theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry. A rising number of construction organizations are using professional construction site security services […]

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The Indispensable Role of Manned Guarding Services in Ensuring 24/7 Security

Even in this time of rapid technological development, manned guarding services are essential to ensuring 24/7 security. Although automated systems have advantages, nothing compares to the human element in security. This blog explores the essential elements of manned security services and their role in providing security around the clock. Human Vigilance Trumps Technology When it comes to security, […]

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The Role of Security Company in Comprehensive Security Solutions

There are many threats that affect individuals, businesses, and organizations. These threats can range from complex cyberattacks to physical break-ins. In order to provide strong and comprehensive security measures in this difficult environment, the role of a security company in Central London becomes essential. Combining Cyber and Physical Security Integrating cybersecurity with physical security measures […]

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How to Integrate Security Services into Your Party Planning Process?

There are lots of little things to think about when organizing a party or event. The to-do list can easily get out of control—from picking a location and extending invitations to deciding on cuisine and entertainment. But security is a crucial component of party preparation that is frequently disregarded. Taking precautions to guarantee the safety […]

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Tackling Business Security Challenges with Security Companies in London

In the ever-changing business environment of today, security is a top priority for London-based businesses. Due to its thriving economy, the city is frequently the focus of security concerns. Many businesses are turning to a professional security company in London to protect their operations. We'll go over the main security threats that London businesses must deal with […]

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Premier Security Agencies Play a Vital Role in Addressing Security Challenges in London

London's vibrant neighborhoods are always changing due to new construction, a diverse population, and shifting socioeconomic conditions. In the middle of this transition, security is extremely important. This blog examines the assessment of security concerns in London's evolving neighborhoods and the critical role that the best security agency in London plays in upholding public safety. Diverse Threat […]

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What are the Daily Duties of Security Guards in Your Area?

Have you ever felt that you are not secure in your area? If yes then you should contact security guards for hire. They are essential for the protection of people and property. Their daily responsibilities go much beyond keeping guard. Security guards monitor the property and serve as a visible deterrent as part of their […]

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What Is the Role of a Bank Security Guard?

Our financial assets are stored in banks, thus protecting these organizations' safety and security is crucial. Here comes the role of bank security guard services. They provide experienced bank security guards to protect the bank, its staff, and the clients who commit their financial security to the institution. Still not sure about the role of […]

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Unlocking the Value: Benefits of Professional Security Agencies

Security is a primary responsibility for people, companies, and organizations in a world that is getting more complex and uncertain. It is crucial to ensure the security and protection of resources, people, and information. Professional security firms can be useful in this situation. These organizations have the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to offer complete […]

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Why Every Business Needs a Commercial Security Service?

The need for security in the workplace has never been more important than it is in today's world, which is becoming more complex and linked. Commercial security services are now more than simply a luxury for businesses of all sizes and sectors; they are also a requirement. We are going to examine the compelling arguments […]

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How to Create a Security Plan for Your Business with the Help of a Commercial Security Guard?

You must have a thorough security strategy for your company if you want to safeguard your resources, personnel, and clients. A business security guard hiring can assist you in creating a plan that takes into account your individual requirements and concerns. Here are some actions you can take to develop a security strategy for your […]

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Top Considerations When Selecting Security Guards for Your Business

Security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes in the modern world. The security of your staff, clients, and property is crucial, whether you manage a tiny retail space or a sizable business. Hiring qualified security guards is one of the best ways to improve security. Finding the ideal security professionals for your […]

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How to Choose the Right Security Company for Your Event?

A successful event requires careful planning on many levels, from choosing the ideal location to organising the logistics and guaranteeing participant happiness. Security is a vital but frequently disregarded component of event planning. The security of your attendees and property should be your primary consideration whether you're planning a business conference, music festival, or private […]

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How UK Security Guards Handle Crisis Situations?

The function of the UK security guards service has significantly expanded from its traditional image as uniformed individuals posted at entrances in an increasingly complicated and uncertain world. These experts are essential in protecting the security and safety of people, assets, and property. Effectively managing crisis situations is one of their job's most difficult responsibilities. […]

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Safeguarding Businesses: The Crucial Role of Security Services

Security concerns are a constant concern for businesses in London in the dynamic world of modern business. These concerns include a variety of dangers. Businesses are increasingly depending on specialized security services in London to properly manage these dangers. In this post, we'll examine some of the most significant security issues that businesses deal with […]

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What Are the Top Qualities of Effective Security Guards Services?

Security guard services in UK have become necessary in an ever-changing environment where safety and security are paramount. These professionals are the first line of defence against potential dangers and play an important role in maintaining order in a variety of settings. However, not all security guards are the same. The success of a security […]

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Enhanced Party Experiences with Professional Security Services

Parties are meant to be joyful occasions where friends and family gather to celebrate, make memories, and have a good time. While planning a party entails several aspects such as choosing the appropriate venue, organising entertainment, and arranging scrumptious cuisine, one critical component that is frequently forgotten is ensuring the safety and security of all […]

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Why Should You Rely on Professional Security Agency For Your Safety?

In a world when security threats and risks appear to be everywhere, securing one's own safety and protection has become a top priority for both individuals and enterprises. While some may consider handling their security needs on their own, working with a professional security service can add an extra degree of experience and confidence. Let’s […]

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How do Security Services Elevate Party Experiences?

It is critical to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors when arranging a successful and memorable party. To improve the entire experience for visitors, party organizers are increasingly resorting to professional security services for parties. These specialized security staff not only provide a sense of security but also play an important role in creating […]

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How Commercial Security Companies Have Prevented Losses and Mitigated Risks?

The necessity for effective security measures has never been greater in today's fast-paced and linked business world. Commercial security firms are critical in protecting enterprises from numerous dangers, reducing losses, and mitigating risks. Their competence in the use of cutting-edge technology, talented staff, and proactive techniques has resulted in substantial advances in security solutions. Let’s […]

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Improving Physical Security with a Security Agency's Expertise

For the protection of individuals, resources, and property, it is essential to maintain strong physical security measures. Organizations frequently seek out security services' expertise in assessing and strengthening physical security measures to ensure maximum security. This blog article will highlight ways for strengthening security to establish a safe and secure environment, as well as the […]

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The Importance of Security Services Cannot be Understated When it Comes to Parties

While parties are a time to celebrate and have fun, security, and safety must also be carefully considered. We will talk about the critical significance of security services for parties in this blog post. Security services are vital in ensuring a safe and pleasurable environment for all guests, and preventing dangers. Ensuring Guests Safety At […]

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Why You Should Hire Security Guards for Your Various Security Needs

The safety and security of your company, property, or event are really important in today's dynamic environment. Employing security guards may offer priceless safety and peace of mind, whether you're a business owner, property manager, or event planner. We will discuss the value of security guards hiring for your various security requirements in this blog […]

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Taking Security Seriously: When to Invest in a Security Company in London

In a busy city like London, ensuring the safety and security of your property is critical. While there are other options, employing a professional security company can provide full protection. This blog discusses the importance of investing in the best security company in London, as well as significant signs that indicate the necessity for their […]

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Tips to Identify the Best Security Services

The safety and security of your property, staff, and customers can all be greatly affected by your choice of security service provider, so make sure you get it correctly. Finding the ideal security solution for your needs might be difficult with so many options available. We'll go over several tips that might help you find […]

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Here's Why Security Services Are Highly Crucial

Events of all sizes draw throngs of people who may go for a variety of reasons. While some people go to have fun, others go to cause trouble. Because of this, event security services are essential to guaranteeing the security and safety of guests, employees, and property. The various event security options, will be covered […]

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All you Need to Know About Security Services for your Party

While throwing a party can be a lot of fun, managing a huge crowd of guests can be difficult. By offering skilled crowd management services, hiring security services for your event can help reduce some of that stress. This blog post will discuss how security services for parties may assist with crowd control at your […]

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Why is Hiring Security Guards Necessary?

Both private citizens and commercial entities are very concerned about security. Security guards are essential in guaranteeing the safety and well-being of everyone involved, whether it be for the protection of your employees, your house, or your important possessions. The following are some of the main justifications for why you should think carefully before hiring […]

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The Role of School Security Services That You Should Know

The maintenance of a secure learning environment for students, teachers, andstaff depends highly on school security services. They provide a variety of services aimed at preventing and resolving security risks that could appear onschool area and cause serious security and safety issues. This blog will go through the several functions that school security services in […]

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Reception Security Personnel for Your Business

These days, everyone's first concern is safety and security, especially those who operate businesses. It has been stated that a company's safety and security are essential to both its success and growth and that both can be significantly improved by hiring trained reception security staff. The security staff at the front desk is in charge […]

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Things to Know Why Security Services are Important

As the days go by, we are becoming increasingly conscious of how vital security is and how crucial taking important security precautions is. You must be hearing news about security concerns every day, as there are many thieves out there who are just waiting for the right opportunity to rob someone of their property or […]

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What to Look for in a Security Provider?

Choosing the best lost protection security service provider in Romford is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your company or property. Your choice of security company will be crucial to safeguarding your assets and reducing threats. However, not all lost protection security providers in Romford are made equal, so it is crucial to […]

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What are the Primary Responsibilities of a Security Guard?

A competent security officer can make a huge impact. A security guard can eliminate many terrible scenarios with the right training and application of that training. Their task is risky and stressful, but it's also thrilling and meaningful. Property owners can find security guards hire in London. A security guard ought to be dedicated to […]

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How Is It Advantageous to Hire Ex Military Personnel?

We recognize that it can be challenging for companies to locate the ideal applicant and that some sectors are having trouble "filling" a sizable skills gap. Employers may want to think about hiring former military members who possess a variety of transferrable aptitudes, skills, and expertise that could provide genuine value to their company. For […]

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How Security Services Are Crucial for Educational Institutions

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the importance of security guard services for educational institutions is only growing. In today's climate, keeping students safe from harm is more important than ever. By keeping a watchful eye on campus and providing a visible presence, security guards can help deter crime and keep our campuses safe. Not […]

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Top Reasons for Hiring Commercial Security Services for Your Holiday Event

While the holiday season is the happening time of the year, it is also the time that requires you to strengthen the security measures for your festive events. During this time, the stores are full of shoppers shopping for the holiday season, and the whole atmosphere screams merry vibes and happy times. As people tend […]

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Signs That Signify Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Thieves and other crimes are the reality that businesses have to face. Businesses including restaurants, office buildings, as well as other commercial properties are turning to non-public security companies to meet their security needs. From alarm systems and surveillance security cameras to mobile petrol and security guards, all these intend to give you the peace […]

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Why is Its Crucial to Hire Security Services for Parties?

When you visit a private event or high-profile parties, you must have noticed their security arrangements. Have you ever wondered why security guards are there at the party? While technological security tools have been very helpful in enhancing safety and security at events or individual properties, on occasions such as private parties, it’s necessary to […]

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Tips to Get the Right Security Guards

The requirement of a professional security guard is common for most businesses and individuals. However, you cannot hire random security providers when you need high-quality service. Hiring the right security guards can be quite tricky; however, a few tips can always help you to make the best choice. The following are a few tips to […]

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Questions To Ask When Hiring Security Guard Services in London

With the rate at which crimes like thefts, assaults, robbery, etc. increasing, one cannot take the security and safety of their residential spaces, including independent homes, society, apartments, or commercial spaces. It has become essential to take necessary measures to ensure the security of your family, belongings, valuables, and resources. That is why more and […]

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Important Tips for Hiring Security Guards

To make sure that your property is secure and safe, it is important to take proper safety measures. While there are different safety measures to ensure security, one of the most effective methods is to hire a security guard. Professional security guards are specially trained and armed to offer protection against invasions and thefts. As […]

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Important Tips to Select the Right Security Company

Nowadays, security is a basic requirement of every company for maintaining their privacy and safety in this tumultuous world. Every organization, whether it be a restaurant or a store, needs a qualified team to offer them protection. Many businesses choose to hire these experts over sending out their own team because security companies in Woolwich […]

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Top Reasons to Hire Commercial Security Services

Are you a business owner who has spent a lot of time, effort, and resources on your business? You must have spent many sleepless nights worrying about your office’s security as a business owner. The office place is the center where all crucial activities take place. Therefore, the security of your business cannot be taken […]

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Why Is It Important to Hire Commercial Security for Your Business?

It is important for businesses to take the help of commercial security to tackle common security issues. One of the major investments that a business should make is to hire commercial security. However, it is questionable for most business owners if their business actually needs commercial security. Well, commercial security has various considerable benefits for […]

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5 Qualities That Make the Best Security Guards Company

Private security guard companies are businesses who are providing security services for various occasions or events. These are certified companies that provide security guards for a range of security services. Security guards are a significant component of the security strategies of various enterprises. Hiring security guards from the most reputed companies provides you with peace […]

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9 The Most Important Things to Know Before You Look for Security Guards for Hire

Business ownership comes with so many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the security of your business. You can’t anticipate what will happen in the future, that’s why you should never leave your business space unattended. Hiring a trusted, professional, and experienced security guard is the best way to protect your business. Furthermore, there are […]

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Have a Vacant Property? Here Is How You Can Protect It

There can be many reasons for a property to remain vacant for a long time. You might be in the middle of a move, you've moved out because of a renovation, you're on a long vacation, or working away from home—the list is endless. Empty properties can cause headaches. When the property becomes vacant it […]

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The Measures You Can Take to Improve Office Security

The security of the office premises, property inside the office, and the employees working have always been a topic of concern for the business owners or the management department of various corporate offices. It gets even more concerning with the increasing number of cases of break-ins and other such criminal offenses. It highlights the importance […]

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Make Your Special Events Extra Secure with Security Guard Companies

Being an event organizer, you must be aware of the fact, that how challenging it gets to handle everything in a given time. You have to decide the venue, manage tickets, publicity campaigns for the event, and more essential tasks. While you cannot leave the other tasks to anyone else, you can hire security guards […]

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Top Benefits of Hiring Security Company in Stratford

Can you really be sure of security in your corporate office, homes, or commercial spaces today? The safety of your property and people doesn’t only include security of physical assets but other aspects of security as well, including financial, technological, social, political, natural, etc. People take essential measures to safeguard their property and its inhabitants […]

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Crownguard Security wins 'Security Company of the Year' Twice in a Row!

Crownguard Security Services are excited to announce that we have won 'Security Company of the Year' for the second year running at the South England Prestige Awards. Following our first win for the 2021/22 season, we have maintained and elevated our reputation to win a second time. Our win this year has been thanks to […]

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Why do You Need to hire Security Service?

One of the best ways to instantly achieve long-lasting peace of mind is to hire a security service. With the help of a security service, you can ensure the safety of yourself, your family members, your assets, your business, and your workers as well. No matter what is the location of your residential or commercial […]

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Important Tips to Follow When Hiring Security Guards

One of the biggest reasons why people make a home of their own is because they wish for the safety of themselves, their loved ones, and their belongings. But is it enough to make a home to ensure proper safety? Well, No! You can have a home and you might not still feel safe enough. […]

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What Are the Types of CCTV Cameras to Meet Residential Security Needs

Due to the increase in the number of crimes and anti-social activities, one’s security can’t be overlooked at any cost. Security cameras play a vital role to give us a sense of peace. They make us feel monitored and provide us with hard evidence if anything goes wrong. CCTV cameras come in several configurations, providing […]

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Top Reasons to Hire Security Guards

You can feel safer and more secure for yourself and your family if you choose to hire a security guard for your residential property. And if you choose to hire them for your commercial property, then you can offer a safe working environment to your workers and ensure the safety of your resources and assets […]

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How To Ensure Safety of The Guests at Your Party

Being an event organizer, you must be aware of the responsibilities that the role expects of you. The safety and security of your guests top the list. It makes it crucial for you to undertake all security measures like outsourcing security services for parties. It reduces your work in managing security at the event to half of […]

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Outsourcing Security Services: How it can Help Businesses

Security is vital for every business. Every business owner wants their assets, property, and employees to be safe all the time. Do you have the resources to hire and train a security team to ensure the utmost security of your business? Having an in-house security team is expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a better […]

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Important things to consider before hiring security guards

Businesses cannot overlook the safety and security of their assets and the best method to ensure that commercial property is safe is to hire security guards. It is easy to find commercial security services in London. However, it is difficult to make the right choice when there is a variety of options available in the […]

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Top Residential Safety Measures to Give You Peace of Mind

There is no substitute for physical and emotional assurance that you are safe and protected.  Whether it is about you individually, your family, or your residential assets, it is crucial to prevent any hazard and threat. For most circumstances, hiring a residential security service is the right way to meet the security needs of a […]

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How Hiring a Security Company Can Increase Profits

The workplace is the most precious asset for a business owner. Thus, they don’t want to compromise on its safety. Hiring a security company in Stratford is crucial when it comes to protecting your business from various threats. The trained security guards help you to minimize property damage, prevent any kind of emergency, and ensure […]

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Where Can Security Services Be Used?

 When it comes to using security services, you might be surprised to know the kinds of venues that can utilize these services. No denying, on-site officers, CCTVs monitored by guards, or an amalgamation of both can be a worthy investment. Security guards are the ones that can prevent any premises and quickly respond to other […]

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When Should You Invest in a Residential Security Service?

We face security threats every day, whether in our cars, shopping centers, or workplaces. In recent years, people have begun to use many ways to safeguard our homes against potential threats. Sophisticated alarm systems and video-phone doorbells can help deter threats before they occur, but they cannot prevent intrusions once they occur. Many communities are […]

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Reasons to Always Hire Trained Security Guards

Today, criminals primarily target businesses, retail outlets, and convenience stores. Growing business activity leads to a rise in robberies and crimes associated with the industry. While tech has mostly replaced older security methods, the risks are developing at an accelerating rate. Surveillance cameras and security systems can improve security, but they can't combat or apprehend […]

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Reasons to Hire a Close Protection Officer

Security threats can occur at any moment and to people of various backgrounds. Nobody is immune to a potential threat. Some people are more vulnerable to harm because of their employment, reputations, or social standing. Personal security guards are frequently the difference between a difficult situation and full-fledged security protection. Professional security firms are aware […]

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How To Choose The Best Security Firm in Stratford?

It is right to say that in today’s scenario, there is a dire need of safeguarding ourselves from those who would have harmed us, stolen things from us, vandalized the property, become a threat to our loved ones, etc. Regardless of the type of business you own, you need to make sure you have put […]

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Commercial Security: Types of Businesses That Are More Prone to Crime

For businesses, several security issues such as staff safety, asset protection, and data security need to be addressed carefully by professional security guards to maintain peace and stability. While such issues are faced by all kinds of businesses, some types of businesses where the demand for commercial security companies in London is even greater and […]

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5 Security Measures That Every School Should Take

Keeping schools safe and secure should be management's top priority to provide children a safe and encouraging environment for social and creative learning. Every school management must meet the basic safety needs to make sure that students are not at any risk within the school perimeter. Keeping a safe and open space allows students to […]

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How To Take Care of Your Property Over the Holiday Season?

Many business owners worry about uninvited visitors causing harm to their property or the office alarm going off during their Christmas dinner. You can, however, keep your unaddressed workplace issues from ruining your holiday spirit. The best security companies in London can provide all of the security requirements you need, 24 hours a day, 365 […]

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Why Is It Important To Have Security Guards At Shopping Malls?

Apart from being one of the biggest recreation hubs for people and shopaholics all over the world, shopping malls come under a billion dollar industry that consists of a wide range of high-end worldwide brands that do their business there. All the products or items that are displayed in these shopping centers are worth money, […]

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Facts and Misconceptions About Security Guards

We often encounter security guards as we walk through office buildings, shopping malls, and parking garages. Though their role is vital, it often goes unnoticed as we go about our daily lives. Security guards play a significant role in protecting employees, customers, and average citizens. As a business owner, you must understand that best security […]

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Crownguard Security wins Prestige 'Security Company of the Year - London' Award!

Crownguard Security Services are proud to announce our 'Security Company of the Year - London' win from CorporateLiveWire's South England Prestige Awards for 2021/22.   The Prestige Awards honour small and medium businesses that have proven to be the best in their industry over the previous 12 months; we have been recognised for our positive […]

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Fabletics Regent Street Store Opening

This weekend saw the culmination of months of hard work to put together the newest Fabletics store location in Central London and open it's doors to the public and some very special VIPs. Crownguard Security had the pleasure of providing security from Thursday 25th November to Sunday 28th November 2021, assisting a multitude of shoppers […]

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Some Qualities To Look For If You Want To Hire The Best Security Company!

Did you just start looking for a security company for your business? Well, since there are so many options in the market these days, chances are that you would find this entire selection process quite overwhelming and complicated. Moreover, every business owner wants what’s best for their respective company and so it is only natural […]

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Why and How to Secure Your Business During Christmas Week

For many businesses in London, Christmas can be the busiest time of the year. Supermarkets and even small retail shops see a sharp surge in shoppers, while restaurants and bars remain full of people celebrating Christmas with their friends and family. Even train stations and airports are bustling with seasonal travelers and tourists. If you […]

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What All Businesses Require The Services Of Armed Security Guards?

Nowadays, with the crime rate climbing up in various places, it is important that you take some safety measures to protect your business or loved ones. And one of the most effective ways to do so is by hiring the services of armed security guards, which is not a decision that should be taken lightly. […]

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Different Ways Security Guards Handle Stressful Circumstances

Businesses hire a security team to protect their employees, customers, and property. Today, people are concerned about their safety more than ever. Security situations come in different forms and at any time. So, your first step should be to assess your security needs with professional security companies in Woolwich. Security guards are well-trained to handle […]

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Basic Steps to Keep Your Business Place Safe and Secure

Owning a business means you have many things that are worth protecting. Fortunately, you can do many things to protect your business and belongings against potential threats like theft, break-ins, and property damage. There are many security measures you can take in order to keep your business safe and secure all the time. Here’re some […]

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Important Facts about Residential Burglary and Security Service

For burglars, the lockdown period due to COVID-19 was the best opportunity to loot commercial properties because offices were closed or working with limited staff members. But, there was no such option for residential buildings. They were and are still under threat. In other words, residential properties are under the radar of thieves and burglars […]

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What to Expect from the Best Security Company in London?

Whether you are looking for residential security services or hiring a security company for your commercial/retail establishment, hiring the best in the business is the right option for reliable security services. It is an important decision and a valuable investment for many property/business owners to provide the much-needed protection to people, property, and assets from […]

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Client Announcement: Elysian Residences

Crownguard Security are proud to announce our newest client, Elysian Residences. Elysian Residences is a luxurious retirement apartment block engaging retired residents, uplifting their daily routine and fulfilling their free time. We provide security services for The Landsby in Stanmore and Wildernesse House in Sevenoaks, which are beautiful residences providing the very best life has […]

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Is Crime Rate Surging Post Lockdown in London, UK?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the patterns of crimes in the United Kingdom. Though the number of domestic burglaries and thefts from persons showed a large decrease, commercial places in London faced more crime during lockdown. It is because most business premises were closed, many sites were left vacant, and businesses that were open […]

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A Guide to Pick the Best Residential Security Service

Having security guards monitoring your property gives you extra peace of mind to live safely with your family. There is always a feeling of comfort that comes from knowing your property is secured and protected by professional security guards. It significantly reduces the threats of getting your home burglarized by criminals. As every residence has […]

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Client Announcement - Vanity Nightclub and Bar

Crownguard Security are pleased to announce one of our newest clients as of the start of August 2021, Vanity Nightclub and Bar in Soho, London.

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Possible Safety Threats that Can Occur in a Retail Environment

For retail complexes, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years in several different ways. Regardless of your business, your employees, retail tenants, and visitors want to feel assured that you have their safety in mind. If they're concerned about their safety on your premises, they most likely won’t come back to your store. And, if […]

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Own A Retail Store? Know How to Keep It Properly Secured

Ecommerce stores and online shopping have become a trend, especially from the time COVID-19 has hit the world. Many people are not interested in shopping in stores because they are everything at the doorstep. But, this does not mean the value the retail market or store has lost. Some people don’t like online shopping and […]

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Questions To Ask Prior To Working With Any Security Companies!!

So, finally, you have made your mind to hire security guards to protect your business from burglars, thieves, and other miscreants. Well, congratulations! But now what? What traits do you look for in an agency? What questions should you put forward? How do you analyze which firm is better than another? Anxious? Don’t be! We […]

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Roles and Responsibilities of Professional Residential Security Services

Safety and security is an area of concern no matter where we live or go. And our home is one place where everyone wants to feel safe with their kids and family members. Whether it is an independent house or an apartment, it is the responsibility of owners to keep people living there safe and […]

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Why should you be Concerned About Reception Security? How Should You Secure The Reception Area?

Reception is the first place in your office building that impacts the impression on visitors. And you very well know the importance of first impressions. If the initial point of professional contact is good, you might enjoy a long-lasting relationship with the visitor. And it might enhance your business contacts and productivity. But, the reception […]

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How many security guards do I need in London?

When planning about your commercial building’s safety and security, the number of security guards you need varies based on different factors, such as the type of building, the number of entrances, foot traffic, the location of your building, and so on. Seeking the assistance of the best security companies in London is not limited to […]

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4 Tips to Secure Your Vacant Commercial Property

If you have a vacant commercial property in Central London, it’s critical to take measures to protect it from break-ins, vandalism, and fire accidents. Unsecured, empty commercial properties are easy targets of criminals and terrorists as they can easily plan, have meetings, and complete their diabolical mission without any interruption. This is something that you […]

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What Security Guards Can And Cannot Do While On Duty?

Regardless of the size of the business you own, you must have thought about hiring the services of a security guard to protect your commercial building from all kinds of crimes. Well, before you act on that thought and actually hire a security guard, you must know what security guards have the right to do […]

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Tips to Improving Security at Your Construction Site

The construction business has been profitable for criminals engaging in reselling stolen machinery, tools, and material. Each year, the construction industry loses around £700 million due to criminal activity, such as theft and vandalism. Construction sites are a lucrative spot for theft and vandalism; thus, hiring the best security guard company is imperative. Your equipment, […]

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Workplace Violence: Ways to Protect Your Employees and Patrons

Every day, people come to the office to work and earn their livelihood. They work for the stipulated time as per the employer’s orders to get paid. It’s a general phenomenon, which is going on for a long. But unfortunately, there is always a fear in the minds of the people on visiting their workplace. […]

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Client Announcement - Horton Park Golf Club

Crownguard Security Services are proud to announce our new client - Horton Park Golf Club. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

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Client Announcement: Chequers Pub by Ashton Group PVT Ltd

Crownguard Security Services are proud to announce our new client - Chequers Pub by Ashton Group PVT Ltd. We look forward to working with you!

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The Most Dangerous Places in London You Must Know About to Enhance Security and Be Safe

The need for commercial security companies in London is continuously increasing. In 2019/20, there were more than 40 thousand robbery offences in London alone. The increasing number of robberies, thefts, and violent behaviour requires a robust security plan to be placed in commercial business sites. Besides, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, […]

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Hire A Well-Trained Security Guard And Protect Your Premises!

Businesses of all sizes, whether small or large, must deal with the harsh reality that thefts and various other crimes can occur on their premises, no matter the time of the day. However, some businesses tend to be a more preferable target for criminals and robbers such as the likes of retail stores, convenience stores, […]

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Accreditation Announcement

Crownguard Security has the pleasure of announcing our new accreditation - we have received Alcumus SafeContractor approval.

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Vital Reasons To Hire Professional School security Guards In Romford!

It would be wrong to say that from the time we send off our kids at nursery to the day we help them packing their luggage and drive off to the university, we fret about their security and safety, and why not?  All the institutions, be it a nursery school, grade school, or university can […]

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Importance of Security Services for Businesses and Organizations

Security services are an important component of any business or organization for the safety and security of assets, properties, employees, and clients. Security officers and guards are tasked with specific roles to keep everything running smoothly and safely at a workplace. The job and responsibility of a security agency include both preventive and protective services […]

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Ways to Assess Security Guard Services in London

There are some decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly, like choosing a security company for your business. You don’t want to end up hiring an unreliable service. Working with an incompetent agency can leave your business exposed to vulnerabilities. That is why it is crucial to work with the best security services in Cambridge. Since […]

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Some Reasons Why You Should Hire A Commercial Security Company!

Owning a business or a commercial building comes with a lot of responsibilities. There would be times when your business will be the victim of a robbery, theft, or a crime. And in those times, you would know the importance of hiring a commercial security service for your business. So, it is better to act […]

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Safeguarding the Next Generation–4 Ways to Keep Kids Safer at School

School safety has always been a concern for parents, caregivers, teachers and students alike, and the threat of danger presenting itself to children at school, can take many forms. From abductions at the school gates, to armed assaults from disgruntled students, the kids of today have much more to contend with than just the school […]

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Are You Giving Your Reception Staff Enough Protection?

The staff on the front desk of any establishment, within all manner of industries, are often considered indispensable; they greet and manage customers, answer the phones, schedule meetings and in some cases, are even required to handle difficult situations that may present a threat to themselves and anyone else in the vicinity. Essentially, your receptionist […]

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Why Should You Hire Security Guards For Your Workplace?

Nowadays, with the rise in the number of thefts and robberies, especially in certain parts of the world, hiring security services is almost mandatory for all kinds of businesses. This is because these services tend to provide the business owners the peace of mind that is immediate and long lasting, making them and their employees […]

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What Qualities to Look into Security Companies before Hiring Them?

With the growing incidences of crimes and illegal activities, it’s time to think about hiring security services for your business and personal safety. But when it comes to hiring a security company, it’s not an easy task as you might be overwhelmed by options available in the market. Selecting the right security service provider for […]

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How You Can Identify the Most Suitable Security Company in London

Today, businesses need a tailored security plan because no two organizations have the same security needs. Before acquiring the services of a security company, understand the specific needs of your business. Choosing the best security services in Romford is a decision that will significantly affect your business's safety. Thus, it is crucial that the security […]

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Before the robber robs, rob them up! Hire Veteran Military Personnel.

In this current world, almost every celebrity has his or her private security guards. Not just celebs, but plenty of business tycoons, in fact, homeowners utilized the services of specialized ex-military trained guards both armed and unarmed. Nevertheless, the decision of hiring ex-armed forces security guards is a personal choice. But, as we all know that crime […]

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Significance of Security Personnel to Keep an Event Safe

Today, festivals are continuing to grow both in popularity and size. Big festivals are drawing in huge crowds, and independent festivals are becoming more common. A big crowd is hard to keep in order; especially, in times like these where social distancing is mandatory. In order to keep a festival safe, proper security steps must […]

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6 Reasons Why Ex-Military Makes Best Security Guards

Ex-military personnel transition into security guard jobs more easily than other professions. Despite the recession spurred by COVID-19, the need for skilled and deft security officer services is dramatically rising. When it comes to security, especially of high-level, ex-military make the best security guards. If you are also planning to hire security services, here is […]

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What are the Benefits of Hiring Security Services for your Business?

Do you own or run a business, whether it is small or large? If your answer is yes, then you might also be aware of the fact that physical security plays a vital role for things to run smoothly. Regardless of its size, any business needs an equal amount of attention given to its employees, […]

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Why is having Security Guards in Schools Important?

Nowadays, many students complain that they get bullied in school or become victim to certain kinds of abuse in and around their school campus. All these issues can hinder with their academic growth and make them less focused on their studies. In order to deal with any sort of violence, be it bullying or fights […]

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Accreditation Announcement

Crownguard Security has the pleasure of announcing our new accreditation - we have received the Bronze Award for the Employer Recognition Scheme by the Armed Forces Covenant.  

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Accreditation Announcement

It is the pleasure of Crownguard Security to announce our newest accreditation - we are now ISOQAR registered by UKAS.

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Worried About Your Business Property? Follow 5 Steps to Implement a Good Entry Control System

With the growth of your business, more and more people need access to your property. It’s because you hire more employees, experience visit of more clients and visitors. But in most cases, the entrants are neither part of your business nor knownto you. It means they are unidentified faces who can be a threat to […]

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Some Key Advantages of Hiring Security Guards for your Business!

Whether you own a small business or a big one, you would have to deal with the fact that various kinds of thefts or crimes can occur on your business premises. However, there are certain businesses, such as the likes of retail stores, banks, and convenience stores, which tend to be more of a vulnerable […]

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Top 4 Solutions to Help Enhance Your Store Security

Shoplifting and store theft have become a serious issue for both small and larger retailers. These crimes not only affect a store's bottom line but can put a retailer out of business if it is not addressed timely. During the festive seasons and big sale days, busy stores are often overwhelmed with business and flooded […]

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Top 5 Questions to Evaluate When Hiring Security Services

Whether you are looking to hire security services in the UK or any other place, some basic needs and requirements don’t change. When you look for UK security services, there are tons of options in the market that can make your selection process hectic and challenging. As you can’t compromise with the quality of security […]

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What is the Cost of Hiring a Security Guard in London?

No matter the type of event, safety and security of your people should always be at the top priority. Besides, hiring one of the reliable security companies in London makes a positive impression about your business status and helps you prevent any expected and unexpected disturbances. In short, you will enjoy peace of mind that […]

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Why it’s Important to Hire Security Services for Parties?

Whether you are hosting a private or corporate party, the safety of your guests should be your number one priority. You can take other elements like catering, decoration, and entertainment for granted, but cannot overlook the security concerns. Hiring security services for parties will not only protect you from external problems but will also keep […]

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Client Announcement: DMC Global Construction

Crownguard Security Service is proud to announce our client DMC Global Construction from the middle of October 2020 onwards. Crownguard will be supplying security guards for the construction company while enforcing social distancing guidelines and encouraging the 2 metre distances for the attendees. It's a joy to work with DMC Global Construction, who are one […]

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Why Security Services are Critical in Commercial Properties

Businesses are booming. The industrialization has never been so vast before, and globalization is on a whole new level. As everything in business terms is growing, your business should as well. And as a businessperson, you must have a lot of things on your mind. One of those things might be the security of your […]

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Reasons why one must hire security personnel for their premises!!

Are you planning to hire security services in London for your business? What’s the main aim behind it? Obviously, the safety and security of the premises and there is no doubt that recruiting security services providing organizations in London will immensely enhance the safety of the premises, deter crime, and make sure improved access control. […]

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Take These Factors into Consideration and Choose the Right Security Company!

These days, safety is a genuine concern for homeowners and business owners as well. With the rise in safety issues, thievery, harassment cases, and so on, it is only natural to be extra cautious for property owners. Whenever a new property is established, be it a gated community, commercial setup, or residential property, out of […]

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The 3 Ways to Keep a Check on Your Security Guards

Undoubtedly, you would have hired one of the best security services in Cambridge for your office premises, but are they (security guards) working efficiently for your security? It’s always suspicious but still, you do not pay heed to the same thinking everything is under control. Trust is fine, but blind trust is not good for […]

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Client Announcement: P2 Centre

Crownguard Security Service is proud to announce our client P2 Centre from the end of September 2020 onwards. Crownguard will be supplying security guards for the event centre while enforcing social distancing guidelines and encouraging the 2 metre distances for the attendees.

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Client Announcement: Crawley Comedy Club

Crownguard Security Service is proud to announce our service to client Crawley Rugby Club for the middle of September 2020 for their Crawley Comedy Club event. Crownguard will be supplying security guards to enforce social distancing guidelines and ensuring the safety of the crowd attending a comedy event at the Club. This month's line-up at […]

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How schools can benefit from security services?

There has been an increase in the amount of violence in schools, of all places, in the last few years. More and more parents are worried about their children’s safety at school as there are certain risks at almost every other school. Some risks might be life-threatening, but usually, a majority of the risks are […]

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Key Signs Your Commercial Property Requires a Security Service

Today, crimes are increasing at a high rate, not just in small towns but in big cities like London as well. Whether it is a town or city, everyone wants their commercial property to be safe. As a business owner or manager, you have to keep everyone inside your property feel safe. Hiring a security […]

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Why Is It Important to Have Security Personnel for Bars and Clubs?

Nowadays, bars and nightclubs are filled with people involved in fun, celebration, and boozing on any given day. It is the hotspot of people who like partying and clubbing. With the serving of alcohol, many people tend to get intoxicated, and they can resort to inappropriate behaviour or harm others. It can lead to potential […]

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Advantages associated with hiring security guards for your business

Whether it is vandalism or conflict between employees or some other workplace issues, there is no denying that modern business tends to face a number of security concerns, be it a small or a large business. No matter the size of your business or company that you possess, it is important for you to be […]

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Hiring a security guard for your home protection? Ask 3 important questions.

London is a beautiful and one of the developed countries in the United Kingdom, but unfortunately, the city is no less in crime. Even with so many policemen on patrol and law enforcement agencies in London, the crime rate is increasing at a high speed. And with that, safety and survival have become difficult without […]

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Advantages of Hiring Security Guards for the Safety of Your Premises

More often than not, we all tend to underestimate the value of the ‘security guard’ who stays awake at night guarding the place so that we can sleep safe and sound. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of benefits of hiring security guards from any one of the best security companies […]

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The Best Security Company in London

Crownguard Security – The Best Security Company in London London is a lovely place to reside, filled with beautiful scenery and many activities for residents and tourists to enjoy. Though this area may be a prime place, it is not immune to crimes, theft, or assault from occurring within the business premises. Even fun things such […]

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5 Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Residential Security Guard

With the increase in crime rates in London, it has become essential to have someone who can guard and protect you from becoming a victim to these crimes. While you can have a wide range of technology deployed at your property to add to your feeling of safety, nothing can replace the human surveying the […]

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Why Hiring Business Security Guard Is Important

As a business owner, you must know that it is important to safeguard your property, possessions and assets. Having a trained security guard protecting your property and possession can prove to be a big benefit for your business activity, as a trained security guard prevents situations like theft, vandalism and common misbehaviour. For business category […]

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