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Security services are easy to find but hard to rely on. With Crownguard Security, you know you’re putting your trust in a security guard company that has the expertise and background needed to truly keep you safe. Crownguard Security prides itself on being one of the finest  security companies around and is built on a foundation of drive, dedication, and determination in the face of danger. Don’t just choose any security company; choose a security service that can promise you elite protection.

Secure Solutions for Every Situation

Procure security services from one of the top security companies in London and know that you’re working with the best of the best. Our elite team offers security services for every situation. Whether you’re looking to protect commercial property, need retail security, want to employ a security guard company for a school campus, looking for a  security guard service for a cruise ship, or something entirely different, Crownguard Security is here for you. Crownguard Security stands out from the wide array of London security companies because of our ex-military edge and dedication to your safety. Find the solution you need to truly protect any situation.

Top Rated Security Services

While it may be easy to find a security guard company, what’s not easy is finding one that’s founded on prestige and eliteness. Work with one of the best security companies in London when you partner with a team built on trust, loyalty, and military level protection principles. Stop scouring the internet for just any security company and instead turn to experts you can put your faith in.

Our Mission is to protect your assets through discipline, commitment and military experience



Enhanced Professionalism

Some of our guards are ex-armed forces members, meaning they have gone through strong discipline to make them the best of the best. All our guards have an enhanced professionalism, which is what makes our service top-notch.


Safety is the number one priority for us – our jobs revolve around protecting people and businesses, to allow everyone to enjoy their time rather than having to fret.

Ethical Approaches

We approach every situation in the most moralistic way possible. We have the strongest belief in doing what is right and trying to think of solutions that will always try to help everyone.


Our guards follow our strict Code of Conduct to ensure that they represent both themselves and the company in the best light. Our rules and regulations are based on militaristic attitudes, a foundation from which Crownguard is built upon.

Respect for Others

Respect is the key to the success of an employee excelling with their job performance and maintaining a strong reputation within the company and with clients. Respect when conversing with co-workers, clients, and members of the public is a natural expectation for any employee at Crownguard.
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About Crownguard

Our mission at Crownguard Security is to continually provide services of the highest quality to our customers to ensure that their people, their clients, their premises and the general public stay safe and secure.

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