Significance of Security Personnel to Keep an Event Safe

Today, festivals are continuing to grow both in popularity and size. Big festivals are drawing in huge crowds, and independent festivals are becoming more common. A big crowd is hard to keep in order; especially, in times like these where social distancing is mandatory.

In order to keep a festival safe, proper security steps must be in place. Here are some measures that are on the top of the list of security guards in London.

  1. Front of House Security

Festivals usually have one main entrance. It is where security begins and allows the staff to set the time for how security is handled for the entirety of the event.

Every festival is unique and has specific rules in place. All security guards at the entrance are aware of these rules and know when to carry out searches.

Security guards reduce the chances of a security breach by preventing potential trouble at the gate, either by turning attendees away or confiscating any items that aren't permitted.

  1. Perimeter Fencing

Festivals in the UK, especially in major cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester, are drawing an enormous crowd. For an event planner, a plan without perimeter security will be like a nightmare.

Most festivals have an entrance fee or tickets, and some of the bigger ones are not cheap. So, not having a fence guard is asking for trouble. It is essential to have a fence that is enough to prevent people from climbing over with ease. It means that attendees will have to go through designated entrances where there will be security guards posted.

Without fencing security, attendees will avoid security altogether, bringing drugs, alcohol, and lethal weapons.

  1. Static and Patrolling Security

A lot is going on at all times at the festival. Security guards try to keep an eye on as many areas as possible. Although it seems like an impossible task to achieve, having security placed and patrolling gives you a better chance to deter a mishap or misconduct.

There are likely to be tents, bars, and stage areas in the events. So it is better to have security in places that you think will require consistent attention.

Patrolling security is ideal for both inside and outside of the event; the outside of the fence will require a patrol to keep an eye out for any trespasser or people jumping over.

  1. On-site Medical Services

In order to keep any event safe, it is essential that there are on-site medical services or at least staff members who are medically trained. With so many people attending festivals, there is always a risk of the occasional medical emergency.

You never know when attendees or staff members may require medical assistance. Having ex-military security guards, who know how to deal with such a situation, is critical.

Festivals never fail to attract a massive crowd, and with so many people in one place, the need for security is crucial. In order to make your event as safe as possible, you require assistance from reliable and professional security guards.

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