Have a Vacant Property? Here Is How You Can Protect It

There can be many reasons for a property to remain vacant for a long time. You might be in the middle of a move, you've moved out because of a renovation, you're on a long vacation, or working away from home—the list is endless. Empty properties can cause headaches. When the property becomes vacant it becomes more attractive to thieves, vandalists, plunderers, arson, etc. That's why you must be aware of the best ways to protect it.

Keep in mind that most of the standard home insurance policies only cover a deserted period of up to 30 days. So if you know that the property will be vacant for longer you need to ensure that your property is as secure and protected as it can be.

Why empty properties are a hot target of thieves

We all have the nightmare of our houses getting broken into while we are sleeping. However, facts show that properties are more likely to break in during the day. But what is the reason for this? The properties are more likely to be empty during the day as the homeowners are out for work. Almost all the thieves target vacant properties. They also look for overgrown grass, piled up waste, and curtains as well as lights that never blink as it is a good indication that the owners are on holiday.

What to do to keep your empty house safe

Keep all security systems active

You may already be aware of this but it is too easy to forget to check if all the windows are locked and the alarm is set when you are about to leave your property vacant for a longer period. Take some time to check that all the access points are locked such as windows, doors as well as the garage. Make sure not to leave any spare keys outside the home and ensure that anything valuable is not visible from the windows.

Even if your home is vacant, it is worth investing in a security system to prevent any kind of break-in. You can opt for motion detector lights as it is an intelligent way to deter burglars. These lights activate when a person walks into your property. For more security, you can set lights above the garage, front entrance, and windows.

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your belongings are the only items thieves are interested in. Even if you remove all of your possessions, there will be things that can attract the thieves such as copper plumbing pipes, roof tiles, and boilers. Apart from the loss, this can cause water damage that can harm your property on a large scale.

Specialist unoccupied home insurance

Most of the standard insurers do not cover the risk if you leave your property unoccupied for more than 30 days. So if you are going to leave your property vacant for more than 30 days, it is recommended to purchase unoccupied property insurance.

Maintain the property regularly

Whenever possible, make sure to visit your property. If you are staying too far, ask a friend, relative, or neighbor for help. It is crucial to check on the property as often as possible. Regular visits make it look occupied and act as one of the most effective crime deterrents. Make sure to put the lights on, collect the mail from the entrance and park the car outside.

This will help you to become aware of any kind of damage that occurred. After that, you can resolve it before allowing it to create further issues. Waste removal and site clearance can also help you to deter intruders. Because a clean property doesn’t look vacant. If you don’t have anyone to get help, you can rely on the security agencies in the UK. They can take care of your property and protect it from any kind of threats.

Check your utilities

If you are going to leave your property vacant for a long time, it is wise to turn off the utilities in order to reduce the risk of any huge loss. Fire and water from a burst or leaking pipe can cause significant damage if left unrepaired. Turning off the stopcock and draining your heating system can be a great idea to protect your property from significant damage.

However, during the winter months make sure to keep the heating system on to maintain a minimum temperature. It prevents pipes from freezing so that they don’t burst.

Invest in smart home devices

There are countless smart home devices available in the market including CCTV cameras. All thanks to technology! These devices play a vital role to reduce or eliminate the risk of loss. These devices allow you to see what is going on at the property from anywhere just using your phone. Leak detection devices are also common as they can do a wide range of things to prevent huge losses.

Basic models can send a notification on your phone when they detect the leak. The advanced models can monitor the temperature of the pipeline as well in order to notify you when they are about to freeze. Furthermore, the most advanced devices can shut off the valves which automatically turn off the water in case the leak is detected.

All in all

Vacant properties face twice the crime as compared to occupied properties. That’s why it is vital to take the best steps to ensure the security of your unoccupied property. We hope that you find the above information satisfying. Apart from that, several security agencies provide security services for residential as well as commercial properties. You can blindly rely on them as they have years of experience and teams of trusted security personnel. If you want to learn more, feel free to get in touch with us right away.

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