Tips to Improving Security at Your Construction Site

The construction business has been profitable for criminals engaging in reselling stolen machinery, tools, and material. Each year, the construction industry loses around £700 million due to criminal activity, such as theft and vandalism.

Construction sites are a lucrative spot for theft and vandalism; thus, hiring the best security guard company is imperative.

Your equipment, staff, and potential members of the public will remain protected if you encourage site workers to follow a safety plan and use construction site security methods.

Let’s take a look at how security guards in the UK can help keep a construction site safe and secure:

  1. Administer a Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Every construction site is different, and that's why there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to risk analysis. The security company will assess the operational and physical security across each phase of the work on-site and make changes if needed. They will also consider the areas with open entrances and times that machines can be unattended.

  1. Accountable for Everyone On-Site: The security company can implement a sign-in and sign-out procedure to check who is working on-site and who isn't. And if there are any visitors on-site, guards will check the timing of signing in and out. The security guards at the site's entrance will thoroughly verify the person's ID entering the site.

  1. Secure the Site Perimeter: In order to prevent theft and keep your construction site secure, you can surround the site perimeter with 2m high fencing. Make sure there aren't any big gaps and keep each section level with weights to stop any movement. The security guards on site will do regular patrolling of the perimeter to ensure that the site is safe.

  1. Install Surveillance Cameras: One of the best ways to secure your construction site is by installing security cameras at points that are susceptible to break-ins.  Position the cameras at the entrance and exit of the site and at areas that are used by external visitors. A surveillance camera combined with professional guards will provide you the best security for your site.

  1. Immobilize Vehicles and Machinery: The most targeted items in construction site thefts are heavy machinery and vehicles. In order to secure them, you should immobilize your machinery and vehicles. Although security guards will do their best to prevent anyone intent on attempting to steal construction site items, keep your equipment and the lock-up procedure out of sight.Also, make sure you don’t leave the keys near or in an area around the immobilized equipment.

By creating a secure construction site, hiring a security guard company, and installing surveillance cameras, you will provide your staff with a safe place to work. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your site is secured against threats and safe for your workers.

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